Alpacas are special animals: inside and out – in every respect!

Alpacas are very fascinating animals, originally from Peru, with a variety of special characteristics - as we can experience first hand every day on our alpaca farm near Lower Franconia:

  • Gentle nature: Alpacas animals are known for their gentle and calm nature.
    Alpaka streicheln ist das Highlight einer Alpaka Tour Unterfranken
    They are curious but cautious, and tend to avoid conflict.
  • Fluffy fur: Alpaca fur is extremely soft and dense, making it a sought-after fiber for textiles. There is a wide range of natural colors, from white to brown to black. In our alpaca store we offer one or two products made from the finest alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is a real option, especially for allergy sufferers. Alpaca fibers are hypoallergenic, which means that alpaca wool is well tolerated by many people with allergies.
  • Adaptability: Originally native to the Andes of South America, alpaca llama have adapted to various climatic conditions. They can inhabit both cold and warm environments.
  • Social behavior: Alpacas Llamas are herd animals and feel most comfortable in company. They have strong social bonds with other alpacas. Our 9 alpacas near Schweinfurt are a family regardless of their pedigree and origin.
  • Feeding behavior: An alpaca eats primarily grass and hay and has an efficient digestion that allows for little nutrient waste.
  • Vigilance: A herd of alpacas has pronounced warning behavior. An alpaca animal can recognize danger early and raise the alarm if something unusual happens.
  • Long life expectancy: Under careful human care, alpacas can live up to 20 years.
  • Usage: In addition to their soft fur, alpacas are sometimes used as therapy animals due to their calming effect on people. That's why we affectionately call our alpacas therapy animals "9 soul healers with fur".

These special characteristics make alpacas unique and fascinating creatures, which are increasingly valued, especially in therapeutic contexts - because llama alpacas, especially on alpaca hikes, infect human hiking companions with their special calm and level-headedness and guarantee a smile.

At our Alpaka Ranch we offer Alpaka Walking Bavaria if you come from near Würzburg and want to experience the animal hiking experience 'Alpaka Hiking' up close. Alpaca hikes are also a great alpaca gift idea for every animal lover and the whole family, whether young or old. We also offer vouchers for an alpaca tour here in Lower Franconia.

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