From 3 to 9: The heart story behind the name 'tre alpacas'!

There is a story behind every name, and 'tre_alpacas' is no different:

Although today there are 9 fluffy alpaca faces in our herd and there may be 10 more alpacas (with the alpaca baby from Alpaka), it all started with just three special 'soul healers ':

Emilio, Caramella, and Marzo (left to right)

Aus 3 Alpakas ist eine Alpakaherde mit 3 Alpakas bei Würzburg geworden

Each of these names of our first 3 alpacas has an Italian touch, and that is exactly what our name tre_alpacas reflects. 'Tre' means 'three' in Italian, and so our name 'tre_alpacas' was born, as a homage to our original 'soul healers with fur'.

Even though Emilio is no longer with us, he has an eternal place in our alpaca family thanks to our name. So 'tre_alpacas' is not just a name, but also a journey through memories, love and the constant growth of our herd.

In addition to products with sweet alpaca motifs from our animal family members, you also have the opportunity to get to know the fluffy contemporaries personally - for example by visiting our small alpaca farm in Gützigen or on an alpaca hike near Würzburg. Please take a look at our website !

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