Our 9 alpacas near Würzburg – a colorful, sweet bunch of fluff!

It all started with 3 alpacas, namely Caramella, Marzo and Emilio. Unfortunately our Emilio passed away at a young age for an alpaca, but he will always remain in our hearts. Our little alpaca family now consists of 9 alpacas and wonderful animal personalities. After our alpaca mare Greta is pregnant, we will soon have 10 animal family members on our alpaca farm in Lower Franconia.

As is the case in life, at the beginning we were actually sure that we only wanted to have 1 alpaca baby of our own (namely Greta), but to be honest we hadn't expected a total of 10 alpacas. But as the saying goes "Never look too deeply into an alpaca's eyes, you could fall in love". And yes, we have fallen in love again several times, with Hannes, Alfred, Sören and so on.

Buying alpacas will now slowly come to an end, as it is important to us that we can still maintain a personal relationship with each alpaca animal.That's why breeding alpacas wasn't an option for us. The soon to be 10 alpacas are part of the family, our 'soul healers with fur', as we like to call them.

We would like to gradually introduce you to our alpaca herd near Schweinfurt, which lives on our alpaca ranch - just to know which alpaca animal might be the ideal companion for you while alpaca hiking near Schweinfurt and/or to find out which alpaca is depicted on the alpaca motif of our alpaca products and alpaca gift ideas.

It is a remarkable characteristic of the fluffy animals from the Andes that they have unique characters and fundamentally differ from one another in their personalities:

'Wolverine' Alpaca Marzo

Marzo ist das Oberhaupt und der Führer der kleinen Alpaka Herde in Bayern

Let's start with Huacaya Alpaca Marzo - a majestic white alpaca who has earned an excellent reputation as a herd leader.Marzo is not only the largest alpaca in our alpaca herd, but also a true connoisseur when it comes to eating. His bright white alpaca fur and his calm, dignified demeanor make him an impressive presence in our herd at the Alpaka Hof Bayern. But his true strength lies in his gentle leadership and level-headed character, which hold our alpaca herd together.

'Diva' Alpaca Caramella

Alpaka Stute Caramella ist ein besonders süßes Alpaka und schönes Alpaka

Caramella is a enchanting beauty from the 'Sweet Alpaca' category. As a white-brown Huacaya Alpaca, it stands out not only because of its striking coloring, which incidentally resembles Vicuña animals, but also because of its unmistakable character. Caramella, affectionately referred to by us as "Diva" or "the bitchy alpaca lady", has a personality all her own.Caramella is the proud alpaca mother of Greta. Although Caramella can be a little stubborn at times, she also shows a loving side when it comes to her alpaca daughter Greta. Caramella is undoubtedly a fascinating personality in our small herd near Würzburg and contributes in her own way to the diversity of our alpaca life.

'Lausboy' Suri Alpaca Hannes

Das einzige Suri Alpaka unter den anderen Huacaya Alpakas Bayern

Suri Alpaca Hannes is the cheerful rascal of our alpaca herd! Hannes is a real trendsetter with his stylish hairstyle, which sets him apart from the other alpaca animals. But that is not his only distinguishing feature - Hannes is the only Suri alpaca in our alpaca herd. His unconventional personality and charming nature make him a real favorite among young and old. Despite his miniature size (i.e. he's a mini alpaca, so to speak), Hannes has won a huge place in our hearts. His extraordinary appearance and playful character make him a special treasure in our alpaca family.

'Cuddly Alpaca' Alpaca Greta

Ein Alpaka streicheln ist das Highlight jeder Alpaka Tour in der Nähe von Giebelstadt

Greta is not only particularly sweet, but also a true jewel of our alpaca family. As the daughter of Caramella and mother of Enrico, she not only brings good genes, but also a lot of love and tenderness. With her fluffy fur and gentle eyes, Greta is a real eye-catcher. But she is not only beautiful to look at, but also very approachable - insofar as she is not pregnant. Whether you pet her when she lets you or just enjoy her company, Greta will quickly win your heart. She is a real cuddly alpaca who wants to share warmth and happiness.

'Hipster' Alpaca Sören

Flauschiges und buntes Alpakafell - das ist Huacaya Alpaka Soeren!

Sören is an alpaca that really stands out from the crowd. With his exceptionally colorful fur and incredibly long eyelashes, he is a real eye-catcher in our alpaca herd. But Sören is not just stylish - he also has a very special personality. During his puberty, Sören is rather reserved and takes the time to discover the world around him. He is Alfred's best friend. The two share a close bond, having grown up together, and are therefore inseparable. Sören may be quieter, but he is the perfect companion for a relaxed hike. With him at your side, you can enjoy nature in peace and be inspired by his serenity. His character is very similar to that of our late Emilio.

'Cheshire Cat' Alpaca Alfred

Alfred ist ein ruhiger Begleiter - lerne ihn beim Alpaka Wandern Bayern kennenlernen!

Alfred, Sören's best friend, is an alpaca who always has a big grin on his face. His happy expression is contagious and puts a smile on the lips of everyone who meets him. Like Sören, Alfred is still in puberty and is full of joy for life and a thirst for adventure. Alfred and Sören are an unbeatable duo and share not only their adventures, but also their best friendship moments. Alfred has amazing composure and a big heart. When you meet Alfred, you'll quickly notice that his grin is contagious. It will inspire you to enjoy life with joy and enthusiasm, no matter what stage of life you are in.

'Little Nest' Alpaca Lotta

Alpaka Baby Lotta ist eine wunderschöne Alpakastute

Lotta is a real eye-catcher in our alpaca family. With her beautiful white-brown fur and unmistakable eyes, she is a real jewel. Although she is still young, she already stands out because of her size, which is impressive for her age. Lotta is an alpaca with a fascinating personality. She takes the time to explore the world around her and discover new things. Born in the summer of 2022, Lotta has her whole life ahead of her and will certainly grow into a true jewel in our herd. Their shy but curious nature makes them a fascinating creature to explore.

'White Dwarf' Alpaca Enrico

Enrico ist ein ganz weißes Huacaya Alpaka

Enrico is an adorable, all white (from feet to eyelashes) Huacaya Alpaca with a heart full of affection and an infectious smile on his face. Although he is still in the shadow of his mother Greta, he already has a very special personality. Enrico is still very affectionate with his mom and loves spending time with his mom Greta. Your closeness gives him safety and security, but he is also curious about the world around him. His shy character makes him a fascinating alpaca. With his friendly smile, Enrico puts a grin on the lips of everyone he meets.

'Dearest' Alpaca Ennio

Ein flauschiges und braunes Alpaka wie Ennio ist ein Hingucker in der Herde

Ennio is the newest member of our small alpaca herd near Schweinfurt and has already taken all of our hearts by storm. With his beautiful brown and particularly soft fur and his attractive eyes, he is an eye-catcher that attracts attention. Ennio may still be shy, but he has a special passion - eating! He is always looking for a delicious bite to eat and likes to spend his time feasting and enjoying. His curious eyes reflect his joy of discovery, and he is excited about everything that is happening around him. Ennio is the alpaca who explores the world with a mix of shyness and adventurousness.


Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure that will warm your heart? Then come to us and get to know our sweet alpacas in person. You will be enchanted by her unique charisma and charm. We look forward to welcoming you and your family and taking you on an unforgettable journey with our sweet alpacas - on an Alpaca Tour Bavaria.Experience the magic yourself and make unforgettable memories with us! Or give a beloved friend or family member a wonderful time with us with a Alpakawandeung voucher.

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