Support a project close to your heart: Help donate “stress alpacas” to clinics with a small contribution!

It's time for a first small project close to our hearts that is particularly important to us because of our own history. In stressful life situations or phases, many people look for a so-called "skill" to regulate tension, stress, or pressure caused by the urge to engage in problem behavior.

Skills can be diverse: music, intense tastes or physical stimuli such as a hot body cream. One of the most well-known aids are probably stress balls, which we are now designing in a special shape: In the shape of our alpaca Greta when she was still a baby alpaca.

We are currently in the process of coordinating the final design with the manufacturer and are initially producing 1,500 skill alpacas, at least 1,000 of which will be donated to clinics that have supported us on our journey through phases of extreme mental stress.

Unfortunately the alpacas won't be ready before Christmas, but hopefully many people will be able to knead them in January. The Greta Skill alpacas are intended, among other things, to help fellow sufferers in stations where skills are particularly important. And with a stress alpaca, many people also get a small wish fulfilled, namely that of their own alpaca!

With just 1 EUR per alpaca you can help us produce and donate more of these little helpers - that's roughly the purchase price we have currently negotiated with the manufacturer. A donation of 5 EUR means 5 alpacas for 5 fighters against mental stress.

You can donate directly at checkout in our shop when purchasing one of our products or via PayPal friends to Of course, we will issue you a donation receipt if necessary.

We consciously decided against an external donation site in order to save costs.

If you know of a clinic or organization that would welcome stress alpacas, let us know! Every contribution helps and is appreciated.

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