With alpaca love: From the picturesque alpaca farm with farm shop to the alpaca online shop!

Embedded in the picturesque landscape near Würzburg is our small but beautiful alpaca farm. A retreat, not only for us, but also for our 9 beloved alpaca animals. They are much more than just animals to us; we see them as “soul healers with fur” and valuable family members.

Two years ago our alpaca dream expanded. Due to the ever-growing demand for alpaca products, we decided to open a small farm shop.

Alpaka Hofladen mit Alpaka Produkten aus Alpakawolle bei Würzburg            Im Hofladen und Alpaka Online Shop gib es viele einzigartige Alpaka Produkte

The enthusiasm was so great that we soon launched our Alpaka Online Shop.

Our range is divided into two main categories:

  • Products made from natural alpaca wool and items with lovingly created alpaca designs. The wool of our nine alpacas is of course limited. We therefore work closely with renowned German alpaca wool traders who enrich our range with high-quality products. Some of these treasures are even handmade, which gives them a very special touch - some of the products like the alpaca pompom are made by ourselves.
  • The alpaca design products are our creative heart. With great attention to detail, we have created cute, fun and unique motifs of our own alpacas. These products are printed or embroidered in collaboration with our print-on-demand partner and sent directly to your home. Nevertheless, all communication, as well as possible returns, remain in our hands. It is important to us that you feel completely comfortable and understood.
Mit unserer Alpaka Farm in Unterfranken unterstützen wir Mental Health Projekte

A special highlight and heartfelt project is our commitment to mental health and our "Mental Health Collection". With every purchase from this collection, you not only support our alpaca family, but also a good cause. We donate 20 percent of the proceeds to charities that care about mental health.

You don't just buy products from us. You will become part of a community that shares the love for these wonderful animals from South America. We cordially invite you to visit our alpaca online shop and take a piece of our alpaca passion home with you.

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