Mit unserer Alpaka Farm in Unterfranken unterstützen wir Mental Health Projekte

Mental Health 'Alpak-ollektion'

Healthy thoughts, strong lives: Together with our “9 soul healers with fur” for mental health!

The topic of 'Mental Health' is not just important to us because of our own background. With this in mind, we want to donate 20 percent of sales from this 'Mental Health Collection' to charitable foundations or initiatives (such as the Robert Enke Foundation) that are, among other things, authentically committed to reducing stigma to improve mental illnesses, to dispel ignorance in society and to address problems in the support system.

As already indicated, our commitment is based on our own history. We belong to the now very large group of people who suffer from mental illnesses. Depression, anxiety disorders, hospital stays, psychotropic drugs, etc. are everyday life for us and sometimes dominate our lives.

For Further background and what role our alpacas near Würzburg play can be found on our website. First of all, we lovingly call our alpacas animals 'Soul healers with fur'.

A first project close to our hearts is already in full swing, and we are going to have 1,000 “stress alpacas”. " for kneading when there is tension, stress, pressure or nervousness donate. Together with you we can increase the number, take a look here!

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