Small idyllic alpaca farm near Würzburg: A place full of alpaca love and passion!

With great passion we decided 6 years ago, after a lot of consideration, to turn a dream into reality - the dream of our own small alpaca farm near Würzburg. Since then, our 8 animal family members Greta, Caramella, Hannes, Marzo, Sören, Alfred, Lotta, and Enrico have enriched our everyday lives.

  In ein flauschiges Alpaka verliebt man sich schnell, sehr schnell!Unsere 9 Alpakas Tiere sind für uns mehr als nur Tiere, sie sind FamilieAlpakas Tiere sind ruhig und haben eine spezielle beruhigende Ausstrahlung, vor allem auch auf Kinder

One thing is certain to us: we don't want to miss a day without our little alpaca farm. We affectionately call them 'soul healers with fur' because they always manage to put a smile on our faces. And we hope they can do the same for you - whether it's a walk through the alpaca, pictures of alpacas on Instagram or a greeting card from us.

In addition to regular alpaca hikes, we also offer a range of different products made from the finest alpaca wool in our alpaca online shop - some of them homemade or from high-quality manufacturers from Germany. These include, for example, alpaca blankets, alpaca pillows, or classic alpaca socks. Our portfolio also includes sweet and funny alpaca motif products, individually designed by us and printed and shipped by a partner.

The income from the alpaca shops goes to the welfare of our alpacas. For example, the stable will soon have to be expanded again after we were lucky to have 2 alpaca babies with Lotta and Enrico last summer. Our particularly sweet alpaca Greta is also pregnant again.

You can also find more information about us, the alpacas, the alpaca online shop and of course the alpaca hikes in Lower Franconia on our website.