Alpaca hike near Würzburg: Give the gift of an unforgettable animal experience!

Hiking with alpacas is probably the fluffiest and cutest hiking experience. 
An alpaca tour goes hand in hand with relaxation, a nature experience and exercise!
Regardless of whether you are already an alpaca fan or an alpaca newbie - the majority of participants on an alpaca tour with us rave about the experience of 'alpaca hiking'.
On our alpaca farm in Lower Franconia live 8 sweet alpacas - which we also affectionately call our 'soul healers with fur'. Greta, Caramella and Co. For us, they are animal family members and we put our heart and soul into alpaca hiking with Eeuch.
Unsere Alpakas in der Nähe von Würzburg kann man zum Teil Alpaka streicheln  Alpaka spazieren gehen und Alpaka streicheln in Unterfranken auf unserer Alpaka Ranch  Alpaka Tour Gutschein ist eine besonders Alpaka Geschenkidee für Tierfreunde

If you want to experience the 'Alpaca' experience in person or pure joy or If you want to give the gift of happiness, we recommend a voucher for our alpaca hikes near Würzburg – also ideal as a birthday or Christmas gift for the whole family!

Requests for vouchers:

  • Vouchers are no longer available directly in the Alpaka Online Shop until further notice
  • If you are interested in a voucher for an alpaca hike, please contact us directly by phone or via WhatsApp: +49 (0) 179 938 55 31

Price list for alpaca hiking per person:

  • 25 EUR per person (you lead your own alpaca on a leash and halter)
  • 5 EUR per child between 7-12 years (hiking with alpacas only when accompanied, children with animal experience (e.g.b Horses) are allowed to have their own alpaca animal)
  • 10 EUR per accompanying person (without your own alpaca)
  • Free for children up to 6 years (alpacas can only be taken when accompanied)

Voucher format:

  • The voucher is available digitally or as a print version
  • If you would like a digital voucher, we will send it to you as soon as possible after payment to the desired email address
  • The voucher in printed form will be sent as a Deutsche Post large letter for plus. 1.60 EUR postage costs sent within one day of payment

Payment options:

  • Payment is possible via Paypal, bank transfer or cash upon collection (payment details will be provided)

Content of the voucher:

  • Alpaca tour near Würzburg
  • Getting to know the alpacas animals on the pasture
  • Information about the keeping and origin of the alpacas animals during the alpaca hike
  • Pet the alpaca and feed the alpaca (depending on the alpaca's mood)
  • Duration of the alpaca walk: approx. 15 to 2 hours (A rough schedule and impressions of the hike can be found on our website)

    Dates for hiking with alpacas:

    • Hikes are possible all year round
    • Please make individual appointments directly by phone or WhatsApp: +49 (0) 179 938 55 31

    Location of the Alpaca Tour:

    • Our small alpaca farm near Würzburg is located in 97244 Gützingen, where the hikes with the alpacas also take place
    • Exact address: Am Kirchplatz 1, 97244 Gützingen
    • Parking is available free of charge

    Number of participants:

    • Usually around 1 to 10 people
    • Prices for Alpaka events and larger groups such as JGA or Alpaka birthday parties can be requested by telephone

    Weather conditions:

    • In extreme heat, storms, heavy snow, etc. the alpaca hike can be canceled at short notice
    • In summer and due to the high temperatures, the hikes usually take place in the morning (until 11 a.m.) or evening (6 p.m.)


    • Dogs are not allowed without exceptions
    • Sturdy shoes are required for the hike
    • The voucher has no expiry date

    More FAQs about alpaca hiking near Würzburg are summarized on our website. If you have any questions, we are of course available to you at any time.